Book Review - Noughts and Crosses

I have been reading since I can remember. I think I learnt to read before I knew how to walk. I get it from my parents who are both readers and I was constantly surrounded by family members who love reading. To this day I have a two bookshelves which are full of books. Some I have had since I was 11 others the other day from a trip in to Waterstones. I plan to have a room filled with just books when I have a place of my own. So then there is no surprise that I have read a lot over the years. When I was fifteen I read a book which stll remains with me and something I talk about all time.

This book is called Noughts and Crosses and it about two types of human the noughts who were seen as the lower class and the crosses who were rich and they both had different skin colours. The story talks about how two families interwined one cross family and one nought family through Callum and Stephy who against all odd grow up being friends and eventually fall in love which creates a lot of problems for them and leads to a lot of tragedy including a death, dealing with their familes. It shows how two people's lives can be different and can go different ways yet they can find they way together and connect. It is a story of hearthache, family tragedy, hope, love, fighting for freedom, teenage angst, growing up, life getting a hold of you and so much more.

Want proof as to how good this book is? 7 years later and I will not hesitate to pick this book up and read it again and again.  

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