90's style crush!

Kelly Kapalski - AKA Tiffany Amber Thessien

I was a 90's kid, which meant i was growing up when there were some awesome TV shows around. One of them was Saved by the Bell. I think everyone was Mesmorised by Kelly, girls wanted to be her. It is easy to see why too. I mean her fashion sense unlike most of the fashion idols we look back on is still one of my favorites. Some of the style i actually would wear still with a modern twist but still. Kelly's style was girly, sophisticated and cool. In fact it still is. I love how some of it has come back in to style now like the flowery leggings and the cool, care free t shirts.She definitely inspired probably even the way i kind of dress today.  Who was your 90's style icon? let me know :)

Whitney Port Reflects on Kelly Kapowski's 90s Style

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