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So you all know about the talented Zooey Deschanel right? Well did you know that not only is she a wonderful and beautiful actress but she also does what she can for charities and stuff. She along with the also lovely, Sophie Rossi and Molly Macaleer created this blogging website for young girls to express themselves and talk about what they want to talk about. It is not just blogs by famous women (Bethany Joy Galeotti also writes for it) or from a specific country either. That is the beauty of it, any girl from across the world is able to have the opportunity to post about something they feel passionate. It not sexist. What i love about it is the vast amount topics that are on there.They range from important issues and campaigns to talking about Ryan Gosling (which is amazing in my opinion) I am using it as part of my dissertation and i swear, i could spend hours on it reading the different blogs from some pretty amazing, inspirational people. If you like blogs and you are a girl, you will definitely like this one. This is one site i will not be forgetting about for a long time.

The website is here and i will link you up so some of my favourite blogs i recently read on it.

Tean- Beat By Ruby Karp
I know we aren't suppose to be judgy By Miscol Sordina

You know what i could list every single blog post i love here but i think you should go to the website because i will end up giving you the link to pretty much the entire website anyway. So have fun and Enjoy.

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