It's all about the dresses!

Now i don't know about you but i have been hooked to the awards shows this season. I mean it, i love awards shows i always have and my growing love for fashion means that i love them even more. I love looking at the all the beautiful actors and actresses are wearing. This awards season from the golden globes to the the BAFTA's and Grammy 's it is apparent that long floor dresses are coming back in fashion and you can see why! They are beautiful and with designers such as Vera Wang making wonderful creations, why wouldn't they?!

Here are a few wonderful examples i have chosen.

This is fresh of the Vera Wang spring/ summer 2012 collection and it shows the beauty and elegant that long dresses bring

This is another Vera Wang dress worn by the beautiful Naya Rivera. This dresses oozes both simpleness yet elegance and chic

Adele turned up to the Grammys (where she won all 6 nominations and had the most amazing performance of the night) in this embroidered beautiful floor length Armani dress which showed off her amazing beauty. 

Another star who wore Armani at the Grammy's and looked flawless was Rhianna, who i am not a huge fan off musically but this dress was so simple yet suited her wonderfully and was perfect of the occasion

so yeah, keep a look out ladies, elegant dresses are making a wonderfully deserved comeback :)

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