Worry and Stress

so it is that time of year where students get stressed. Yes you guessed it, it is exam and deadline season. It when all students facebook statues and tweets say that they hate uni. From personal experience i would just like to say worrying does absolutely nothing for you or your work. In some cases it can make it worse which is not what you want to happen. As a third year student, if there is something i do when i feel like i am about to panic (which lets face it, it is my last semester i am not human if this semester won't scare me) is to just take a step back, make a cup of tea or eat some chocolate and watch your favorite programme. This relaxes you and you can think logically about the next steps you need to take to make sure that you are not making based on the stress you are feeling at the time. Remember nothing is as bad as it seems at the time you are feeling the most worried about it. :)

If you are reading this and have deadlines and stuff, good luck with it all. :)

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